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Головна » 2017 » Березень » 29 » Ukraine needs professional ecologist
Ukraine needs professional ecologist

Ukraine needs professional ecologist

  Ecology as a science fits into the context of addressing key sustainable development issues where there is a need to harmonize economic, social and environmental aspects. The need to find solutions on this topic indicates that there is demand for professional environmentalists, who play main role in protecting the environment and its preservation for future generations.

  Today there are some key questions:
• How fast and where exactly climate changes that lead to environmental transformation?
• What makes some species and their place of residence more vulnerable than others?
• What are the consequences of increasing ecotourism for ecosystems?
• How can we reconcile the resource requirements of the growing human population with the need to conserve species and ecosystems?

  The study of ecology and the environment is the basis for answering these and many other issues related to the practical preservation of the planet.
Those who are willing to protect nature faces main issue "where to get profession of ecologist." Each country has at least a few such institutions. Nowadays one of the best universities, which train ecologists are in the UK.

  As for Ukraine, the expansion of environmental legislation increases the demand ecologist professions in industry and in government. That's why in our university we open such specialty as "Ecology".

  Ecologists always have opportunity to influence the state of the environment in definite area. Environmentalists always surrounded by a wide choice of activities through lots of problems. But it is possible only to those who are good in chemistry. Real environmentalist - a devotee. Such people do most things for the planet.

  So welcome to study "Ecology" in Uman State Pedagogical University.



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